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Waste Management & Environment Services | Interwaste

Interwaste is a South African company with a footprint througtout the SADC region offering truly holistic waste management and environmental services.

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Waste Management | Waste Removal | Waste Collection

Skipwaste - Specialists in Waste Management.

With our experience, technical knowledge and resources we can offer you sustainable solutions that will make a difference.
Waste Management , Waste Removal , Waste Collection , waste management in south africa , waste removal pretoria , electronic waste disposal
Waste water treatment plants, grey water systems, rainwater harvesting, on site sanitation, sand, oil grease traps, chemical storage.

Calcamite are the leading manufacturer of on-site sanitation solutions and rainwater harvesting tanks.

We are SABS and Agrement certified and deliver a quality product. Our sanitation products range from pit latrines, septic tanks through to Bio-Mite waste water treatment plants up to 400 people. We also produce grey water treatment systems, chemical storage and water tanks up to 10 000L. For industrial sites we have sand, oil grease traps and conservancy tanks.
On site sanitation , Waste water treatment plants , Septic Tanks , Grey water recycling , Rainwater Harvesting , Chemical storage , Water Tanks , Sand Oil Grease Traps , Bio Reactors , Anaerobic , Aerobic , SABS , Argrement , Plastic , LLDPE , Polymer , Quality , Manufacture , Conservancy
Waste-Mart | Waste Management Solutions | Waste Removal


situated in Athlone Industria 2, specializes in the removal and safe disposal of medical, industrial, domestic, rubble, compactable and contaminated waste.
Waste-Mart , waste mart , domestic waste , recycling , disposal , removal , site management , rubble , dumpster , glass recycling , storage facilities , transport services , long distance , local , haulage services , Marthinus transport , Athlone Industria 2 , Southern Africa , webfactory , web factory
WatchGuard Technologies | WatchGuard Technologies delivers the best firewall, email & corporate web security solutions, data loss protection, UTM applianc

Water Company Offers Water Cooler Solutions - Office & Home

Water Company offering purified water and water machines for the home and office.

water company , water cooler , water machines , purified water , water dispensers , drinking water
Water Damage Services |Home |

Water Damage Services specializes in providing complete pipe relining solutions to the industrial and residential market.

Pipe Relining Solutions , Leak detection & pipe location , Emergency water extraction , Dehumidification , epoxy coatings , Cctv inspections , Hydro jet & pneumatic drain cleaning , Cape Town , Green Point ,
Water Purification Systems | Domestic & Industrial | Water Filtration | Water Disinfection | Reverse Osmosis - Garden Route Water

Garden Route Water Consultant situated in George - Importer of top quality water purification & filtration systems for domestic and commercial applications.

Supply nationally. We have the solution to water pollution.
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Water Purification | Water Filter Cartridges | Water Treatment Solutions

Water filter cartridges and water treatment solution available from Yarn Home.

We manufacture and import various water purification systems including many different water filters.
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water saving shower heads - Oxygenics

Sustainable technology - Simple Sustainable Solutions - Power, Water, Structure - Oxygenics water saving shower heads

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